Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Coughton Court, England

26 March 2011

Coughton Court is close to home so on a dreary spring morning we bundled up and set out to explore.

Coughton Court has been in the Throckmorton family since 1409. Sir George Throckmorton was a favourite of King Henry VIII. But when the King wanted to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aargon, Sir George supported Catherine and was against the divorce. He also stayed true to his Catholic faith. This has remained a constant of the Throckmorton family and the fact that they kept their heads and their estate is a testament to their political savvy.  At one time the home had a priest hole. The Throckmorton were also involved in the Throckmorton Plot to kill Queen Elizabeth I. Coughton Court played a part in the infamous Gunpowder Plot. It was here in 1605 that some of the conspirators rode to after the plot was discovered.

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