Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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The Barn Hotel, London, England

14 December 2010

Arriving in England in December during the coldest period in twenty years is an eye-opener. We will be spending our first two nights Living in England at The Barn Hotel in the Ruislip area of London. If I had to describe a typical English hotel The Barn Hotel would be that place.

We will be staying in the modern build – Deane’s Lodge. The Lodge is built on the site of an ancient orchard that is mentioned in the Domesday Book. For just 10 pounds a night extra, my wonderful husband had arranged an upgrade to the best available suite. There are many reasons why I love my husband and this is yet another. Our suite was like nothing I had ever seen before or could have even imagined. We were given the Kyoto suite. After travelling for over 24 hours, this room was a welcome sight.

Our suite had three televisions, three phones and a king size bed. There was a huge living room, a bedroom and a bathroom that was out of this world. The bathroom had two sinks, a two person shower (complete with two rain shower heads and water jets in the wall) and a tub that had to be seen to be believed. I love baths so this bathroom was like a dream. To get into the tub you had to take two steps up and then step down into the enormous tub. It was surrounded by an overflow like an infinity pool and had lights and a seat. It took me a while to figure out the water for this treasure. I finally got the water flowing into the tub and it was coming from the most unusual place: the ceiling. The floor and walls were covered in marble. On the wall in front of the tub was a tv. The bathroom also had a phone. The tub was so huge that when I laid back to read I actually floated.

We were happy to see a king size bed which was home to two pairs of slippers and two bathrobes. Coming from Canada, I had taken central heating for granted. This beautiful suite with all of it’s marble had just one small plug in heater. After Andrew stepped into the bathroom in his bare feet he understood the slippers that were waiting for us. “Welcome to England; here’s your slippers.”

After a quick shower, we were off in search of food. The quickest way to get from Deane’s Lodge to the street was by walking through the Barn. This meant a walk through the lounge, sitting rooms and the eating areas. It was like stepping back in time. The place was filled with elderly ladies having their afternoon tea. There was not a gentleman in sight. For a moment I thought that I had entered Cranford.

We explored Ruislip and found a charming restaurant to have supper. The waitress was so friendly: there were lots of “love” and “dear” being thrown about. It reminded me so much of being home in Newfoundland.

Our plan was to stay awake and go to bed at 9 so that we could beat jet-lag. We made a valiant effort, helped by book shopping, but soon realized that we were too tired to be standing. At 6 we closed the curtains and settled in for a long winter’s nap. I must have been crazy if I thought that we could avoid jet-lag. By mid-night we were both wide awake and starving. But, it’s mid-night and we are in England and there is not a chance that we will be able to get food. Andrew came to the rescue. I have never, ever used the mini bar in any hotel. But, we were desperate. Two cans of Coke, a pack of chocolate buttons and chocolate covered peanuts would have to do as our mid-night snack/supper. The thing with travelling is that even if you know what time it is; your stomach may not.

After our snack and a few hours of late night tv, we drifted off to sleep.

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