Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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The eve of 2011, England

31 December 2010

Today, the last day of 2010, saw us heading off to Oxford. Not to admire the buildings or browse in the bookstores but to search for a WWII gas mask carrier similar to the satchel used by Indiana Jones. Andrew did not find any satchels that met his or Indiana Jones’ standards. He did however manage to drive us into Oxford and back out again without incident which in itself is a major feat.

Today we lunched at The Crown in Shrivenham.

We opened the door and were met by the most wonderful smells of food and wood smoke. Picture an English pub in a small village and this was The Crown. Low ceilings, cosy seating and a big open fireplace. It is a family run place and the friendly owners provided us with an incredible meal. It was a wonderful meal and such a delightful experience that we cannot wait to return.

After our meal it was time for a walk. Today we would be exploring a little of Shrivenham. There is no better way to explore a place than on foot. And walking is less nerve-wracking then driving on the tiny village streets.

And instead of intersections there are round-abouts. I have never seen so many in my whole life as I have seen in my two weeks here. they do come in handy though when you make a mistake, miss your exit or go the wrong way. We have done all of those  a lot.

My heart has always skipped a little at the sight of a thatched roof cottage. Now, everywhere I look I see beautiful thatched roof cottage. All of the homes have names. I guess if you have been standing for a few hundred years you deserve to have a name. This all seems like a dream and I am afraid that at any moment I will awake.

Next we hit the local Sainsbury’s for some nibbles. This is a huge store and it was packed to bursting today. One can even get their car washed while they shop. This job is done by a potable car wash station (shopping cart) and seemed to do a really good job. I am still amazed at the lack of liquor stores here. They are not needed since all can be bought at any grocery store. I got a cheesecake for just £2. At that price I think I may have to try every flavour. A bottle of raspberry Bacardi Breezer was just £2.49. And the cheese. there is a whole aisle just for cheese. Nice cheeses were a special treat for us in Canada due to cost but here…we got a few different types of cheese for tonight.

As midnight quickly approaches we are content with a glass of cheer, some nibbles and a wonderful life full of dreams coming true. We are looking forward to all of the adventures that we will have in 2011.

Happy New Year. Laugh lots, love often and dance much.

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