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The perfect travel book

22 August 2010

A travel book is an all important part of any journey. It can discourage conversations from icky fellow travellers; you know the one who is too touchy feely, has bad breath and stares at your chest. While I was single I never had the experience of seating next to a cute, smart and funny guy. Now that I am marries I will be travelling with my own version of this guy. It can encourage conversations with fellow travellers. I have had this experience and it lead to a great flight and conversations about much more than the book that started it all. It can relieve boredom and keep one's sanity during unexpected delays.

The perfect travel book for me must be engrossing enough to allow me to block out the world around me and get lost. I have no problem getting wrapped up in most books I read but Great Expectations may not be the travel book for me. I need light but not too light in terms of subject. I like a huge travel book, one that will last through any delays and can serve as a weapon if I need to protect my belongings from a would-be thief.

There are a few books sitting on my shelf that may just be perfect. My choices are:

Under the Dome – Stephen King
The Girl Who Played With Fire -  Stieg Larsson
Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett

One final consideration for a travel book is size. Do you want one to slip easily into a pocket or purse? Will you mind holding that huge 1000+ tome in your arms as you wait and wait some more in airport lines? This may just be the perfect situation for an e-reader. Hint, hint. The choices above are listed according to my preference. What is your perfect travel book? What are you planning to take on your next journey? Input is welcome.

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