Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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The joys of moving

31 July 2010

Although my heart has already left Canada and is presently exploring the English Moors my head is very much in Petawawa. What do we take with us? What do we put in storage? What do we throw out because we will not want it in two years? What do we do with all those things that cannot be put in storage or moved?

I have discovered a hidden joy of purging. After Easter, we had bought a bag of Easter chocolates which I had hidden. Andrew has no will power when it comes to chocolate. But, of course, out of sight; out of mind. The bag was forgotten about until I was cleaning out a closet.

All of our fridge contents must be given away or thrown out. I hate cleaning the fridge. But, it needed to be started. I found a jar of expired mayo. No, I do not normally have expired food in my fridge. The jar of mayo was a huge one from Costco. There are just the two of us so it takes forever to get through it. I decided to try it on my hair. I had heard it it great for dry hair. As I was covering my hair with slime I had doubts. But, now I am a believer. Soft and shiny hair has replaced the hay mop I was wearing.
There is a postive side to everything, even packing for a move.

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