Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Sometimes being adventurous means you have to take a long walk

16 December 2010

The day started as cold, damp and drizzly. I was sad to leave behind the amazing Barn Hotel and the bathroom of my dreams but we were eager to start our adventure. Today we traveled to Shrivenham via taxi. At £85 this is our most expensive taxi ride to date. Upon arrival we met some of the other foreign students at the Academy. It was the Christmas meet up and we got to meet many families from Australia. There were no Canadians there. After some Christmas cheer it was time to get driven to our B & B via a teeny tiny British car. Andrew is great at puzzles and managed to fit all of the baggage into the boot and the backseat. Chowle Farm House will be our home for the next few weeks. This charming place is run by the lovely Jan and Dave.

We had decided to take a trip into Swindon. Andrew’s conversation with Dave went someting like this:

- Do you have a car?
- No.
- Do you know where you are going?
- To find a car and a phone.
- How will you get there?
- Taxi.

As my Mama would say, we were just off the boat. Dave, having loads more sense than the two of us put together at theis point, drove us intoSwindon, explained the bus system and gave us a quick tour. We were dropped off at a shopping center and our hands were itching to get our new phones. I have never seen so many cell phone shops in one area in my life. It was a little over-whelming. Vodaphone, Virgin, Orange, T-Mobile, 3, Oxygen and many others. Getting cell phones requires a British bank account and a credit check. We had our bank accounts already set up but were meeting with our banker the next day to get our debit cards.

We took a break from the cell phone maze to try some Cornish Pasties. It was getting late and as darkness fell so did the snow. It was truly magical to see snow in a place that rarely sees the white stuff. And I love snow for Christmas. Our time in Swindon was coming to an end; our bed was calling. We hopped on the bus and headed for home. All we had to do was get off at the stop 500 metres past the B & B. But, it was dark and we were in a place we had never been before and were looking for a place we had spent all of 5 minutes. In his excitement Andrew pushed the stop button a little too early. We did not know it until we turned to walk back to the B & B and walked 500 metres and there was nothing. So here we were with no phones or water on a cold dark night on the side of a road with no sweet clue where we were.

Andrew, being an amazing navigator, decided we need to walk the other way and eventually we would find the Chowle Farm House. We walked along the very bumpy narrow shoulder of the road with a water filled dtch on one side and a busy highway on the other. We passed thorny bushes and ancient grave stones covered in vines. There was not a light or a house in sight. It sure is dark at night when there are no street lights anywhere. There were lots of holes and we were very skilled at finding those. Although we were cold and tired, we found the whole thing amusing. There are moments in life when things are so wrong that you have to laugh or cry. I chose to laugh. I confess to laughing so hard I peed my pants.

After a few kms some lights came into view. We had finally arrived home. According to Andrew, “Sometimes being adventurous means you have to take a long walk.”

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