Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Our Adventure Begins

23 July 2010

The decision had been made and we were playing that lovely game of waiting. Just for the record I hate that game. Discovering the time and work that was involved with moving the poodle to England with us made it worse. It is a seven month process. There are not seven months between now and December. You see the problem. We needed to get started just in case we were moving. So, I was at Petawawa Animal Hospital getting Brittany micro-chipped and re-vacinated for rabies. England has some of the strictest laws regarding the import of pets. While there, I get a call from my husband informing me that “We got England!” For those who know me, I can get just a little excited at times. I started yelling that “We are moving to England!” Yes, I was a crazy person. Then I realized that I actually had to drive home. I cannot remember the drive home. I have never been so excited in all of my life.

Reality is sinking in gradually day by day as we wade through the pile of red-tape that has become our lives. This has been left mostly to my husband since it is his work that has given us this opportunity. While he tackles the red tape, I am taking my job in England as travel director very seriously.

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