Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Is this a shirt or a dress? I am too short to tell.

17 December 2010

You only have to look around the supermarket to see images of the fashionable Kate Middleton. Before moving to the UK, I had discarded most of my wardrobe. After living in Petawawa, where the height of fashion is wearing matching woodland camo with your husband, I was beyond excited to shop in some stylish shops. I know that Kate has quite a bit more quid to spend on a frock than me but I was ready to embrace being fashion forward.

So off we went to the shops, pounds burning a hole in my pocket. Remember that the UK is experiencing a real winter this year. So what are the fashionable English girls about town wearing? The shops are filled with short, short skirts, lots of sheer fabric and short sleeves. I had visions of fashionable wool skirts, patterned tights and a turtleneck jumper. Nope! The fashionable English lady has ignored the weather and dresses as if summer is still very present. Living in Canada my whole life, where one packs away the spring/summer wardrobe and unpacks the fall/winter clothes in October, this has taken me by surprise.

Leggings are also all the rage and shirts are very long. Not a great look if you are under 5 feet tall. Quite a few items had me confused. I will admit to being, well let’s just be honest, shorter than the average female. I was not sure if I was looking at a long shirt or a very short dress.

The result: no clothes for me. I am hoping that I just need to find the right shop that suits my style. Maybe I can ring Kate and get her help.

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