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Chez WW in England

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I am British. I do not talk during breakfast. I read.

25 December 2010

I love to read. It is a well known fact. It is also a well known fact that that reading at the table and ignoring other people is not acceptable. Or so my Mama has told me. I tend to eat a lot of my meals alone. The TV or a great book are usually my dining partner. When Andrew is at home it is hard to break the habit and not read at the table. But, I resist when I have my mama’s voice in my head telling me how rude it is to read at the table and ignore people. My friend since childhood, Tracey, is also a book lover and tends to be an understanding eating partner. When it is just us eating a meal together it is OK to read.

This morning we had our Christmas day breakfast at the B & B. There is another couple staying here at present and they can only be described as being very ” British”. Andrew and I always talk during breakfast. We discuss our day which with our busy lives is essential. And since Andrew is often away it is nice to be able to have a conversation with him.

The wife noticed us talking and asked her husband why they did not talk during breakfast. Our conversation seemed to bother the very “British” man who told his wife “I am British. I do not talk during breakfast. I read.”  I felt a little like Alice when she went down the rabbit hole. I am not sure if I should shout for joy or be offended.

Since today is Christmas and the roads will be quiet, fingers crossed, I will attempt to drive Mini Me Millie for the first time.

Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy time spent with those near and dear to your heart. And if you are not having a great time at your Christmas dinner today, what will all those family members being forced on you and all, break out a book and read.

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