Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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How many travel guides are too many?

27 July 2010

Today is very exciting. We are going to Ottawa to pick up my mom who is flying in from PEI for a visit. We are also hitting up the big Chapters in Ottawa to search for travel guides. Who knew that there were so many? Who knew that there were so many for each country by so many different publishers?
You may wonder what the issue is with this? I want the perfect travel guide. I refuse to miss out on a great experience due to a less than perfect travel guide. Opportunities like this come around once in a life-time and I intend to live it to the fullest.

The aisle was piled high with books that were leaning more than that tower in Pisa. I was in the next aisle searching some more in case I had over looked a great treassure. A poor clerk saw the disaster I was creating and was on the verge of crying when I explained that ” I am moving to England and I am just waiting for my husband to arrive so we can go over these.” She left probably hoping I was in Europe right this very second.

So, what is the perfect travel guide? It is one that suits you and your needs. Apparently my husband and I have many needs. One is not enough. We have decided on two publishers: DK for all the wonderful colour pictures and historical information and Frommers for the practical stuff like the cheapest place to eat and sleep. Thomas Cook and AAA travel guides were also in the running. We have decided to purchase a travel guide for each country we visit and then if there is a specific one for the capital we will get that as well. Are travel guides available in e-books?

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