Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Farnborough Hall, England

14 July 2011

Andrew has an afternoon off. He could study, but all he does is study. Some down time is badly required. You’re allowed to kidnap a spouse for their well-being…right? The sun was shining, sort of, and it was a warm day. The type of day that needs to be embraced and celebrated in England. I kidnapped my husband and forced him to enjoy the day and relax.

Farnborough Hall is just down the road from our house and since it is wednesday we were in luck. Farnborough Hall is a National Trust property with the Holbech family holding a lease on the house and they also administer it. For this reason no photography is allowed inside of the hall. The plasterwork on the walls and ceilings are simply incredible. Beautiful works of art adorn every possible space. The centre-piece of the hall is a table in-laid with over a hundred different semi-precious stones. I have seen many tables like this in other great homes. But, this table is different. All of the stones are numbered with a brief description and…gasp…you can touch the table. Most places have a strict no touch policy. Oils and dirt from hundreds of hands a day can do serious damage to priceless antiques and works of art.

After exploring the hall, we strolled along the Terrace Walk, which was created in the early 1740′s. I could almost see the gentlemen in their morning suits and top hats and the ladies with their beautiful gowns and stunning hats.

During both the First World War and the Second World War, Farnborough Hall served as an auxiliary military hospital. The names of Italian prisoners from the Second World War have been carved into the sides of the Obelisk.

The best part of taking an afternoon off…time together. Remember to take an afternoon off for the important things.

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