Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Burton Dassett, England

15 May 2012

Every year I take Brittany on a hike for her birthday. She is allowed to run free, walk in puddles and get as muddy as she wants. This year  we took her to Burton Dassett for her birthday hike. It is covered with sheep and all of the baby lambs. I am a little obsessed with the lambs. Brittany was so excited to see them ( I think that she thought that they were her people). But the mama sheep were not so happy about Brittany getting close to their wee ones. I also tried to get a fab picture of the birthday girl. It is not every day that a poodle turns 14. Brittany had other plans.

I told you I was obsessed with the sheep and lambs. Someday Andrew we will have our own sheep and lambs.

~ Jody

Dyrham Park, England

05 May 2012

Dyrham Park ia a baroque country home in a deer park. William Blathwayt, Secretary at War to William III started construction on  Dyrham in 1692. The home is a showpiece of Dutch decorative arts. The Blathwayt family lived at Dyrham Park until 1956.