Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Snowdonia, Wales

04 April 2012

The temperature dropped over night. The wind howled. Actually it sounded like a train roaring through the mountains that surrounded us. I was surprised that the fly was still on our tent. A blizzard had arrived. We got to experience the worst weather in a 100 years….all while camping in a tent.

We were still able to visits Plas Newdd and the National Slate Museum but most places were closed. Trees were blowing down into the roads. Power lines were down everywhere. Anyone who was in a tent had packed up and left. It was freezing, snowing, rainy and blowing a gale. It was miserable. Our trip had stopped being fun and started to be about survival. Staying warm and not freezing to death. We still had another night of camping in Snowdonia before we headed to Scotland and started our week of camping there. The weather in Scotland was the same. I wimped out and we quickly threw everything into the car as the light was fading and drove the long 5 hour drive home.

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