Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Dolaucothi Gold Mine, Wales

02 April 2012

The Royal brides of England are given a wedding band of Welsh gold on their wedding day. The gold mines have been closed for 20 years now but the Royal Family still has a bar of gold so Welsh gold wedding bands can continue on into the future.

As an avid Royal Family lover I could not resist the chance to visits a Welsh gold mine. Dolaucothi Gold mine offers two different tours. A Victorian gold mine tour and a Roman gold mine tour. We decided to do the Roman mine tour. Romans were mining gold at Dolaucothi almost 2000 years ago. This is the only known Roman gold mine in Britain. The Romans mined the gold on the surface (not deep into the earth) and used the natural water flow to help uncover the gold.

The modern mine closed in 1938.

We panned for gold. It is hard work. We won't be buying that manor house anytime soon.

After our tour it was time for me to buy my very own piece of Welsh Gold jewellery. Welsh gold is now rare and can only be found from a few select jewellers. The lady at the shop was telling me about the jeweller who made my piece. He had received a call from a young man who was interested in getting a Welsh gold wedding band made for his bride to be. Later on in the conversation it was revealed that the young man was Prince William. The jeweller told Prince William that he was sure that The Queen had a bar of Welsh gold. William thanked the jeweller and said he would check it out. Later the jeweller received another call from Prince William. William thanked him and yes The Queen did have a bar of Welsh gold. Had the Queen not had that bar of Welsh gold the jeweller who made my beautiful pendant and necklace would have made Kate's wedding band. It was wonderful to hear that Prince William, our future King, took the time to call the jeweller back.

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