Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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York, England

18 February 2012

This weekend we are visiting one of Andrew's friends at his parent's home just outside of York. Our time in England has been filled with amazing experiences. We have also been blessed to meet so many incredible people. People who opened their lives, hearts and homes to us. Josh's parents Susanne and Tim watched Brittany whilst Andrew and I explored York with Josh and Christina.

York has a very long history. York was founded by the Romans in 71 AD as Eboracum. The Roman Emperor Hadrian held court in York.

The city was conquered by the Vikings in 866AD and renamed Jorvik. The city became a major river port. The last Viking ruler was driven out by the English in 954 AD. York would experience Viking attacks after this.

In the middle ages York became a major wool trading centre.

York became a railway hub in the 19th century as well as a confectionary manufacturing centre.

Our first stop was York Minister. York Minister is the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. It was completed and consecrated in 1472. It was built on the site of the Norman cathedral.

We walked along the roof of the Minister. The views were incredible and well work the cold and wind.

The Kings Screen and Organ.

It was now time to explore the Shambles. The Shambles is a medieval street. It is now filled with confection and touristy shops.

York Minister as seen from Low Petergate.

It was the Jorvik festival happening. The street s of York were once again filled with Vikings.

At one time the Shambles were filled with butcher shops. The old meat hooks can still be seen outside some of the shops.

After the Shambles we walked towards Clifford's Tower and York Castle Museum.

We stopped and watched a Viking Battle.

I am convinced that I am part Viking. Furs and fab silver jewellery. Yelp, I am part Viking.

Clifford's Tower was part of York Castle.

York Castle Museum was formerly a prison. It is an incredible museum that goes through human life and different eras.

We had enough time before the sun set to walk along some of the ancient wall that protected York.

Micklegate, a medieval gate along the wall.

After a fab supper it was time for the ghost tour of York.  As we were walking along the dark streets of York, we came across a bachelor party. The groom wore a tux in the front and a pink bra, tong and garter belt in the back.

The ghost tour was amazing. I love taking ghost tours.

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