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Chez WW in England

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We have snow

06 February 2012

For months now I have been scanning the weather, hoping against hope that snow would come to England. There have been many false alarms. That all changed this week. England, as well as most of Europe, was plunged into a Deep Freeze. The temperatures had fallen and every morn we awoke to frost. As I scraped the ice off of the car wind screen, I could not contain my excitement. Could snow be far off? For the past week, the weather has been warning of “significant snow”. Each day I checked the weather. Each day I hoped. Finally, we would have some snow.

Having lived through the snow and mayhem that followed last December, we knew that although the snow would be beautiful it would throw the country into a tail-spin. We went to Tesco on Friday and I left without purchasing anything. The queues were worse than anything I had seen at Christmas. We then went to Sainsbury’s and made some progress. We had originally planned a trip to Hay-on-Wye in Wales to explore the book shops. We cancelled this. England does not have the equipment to deal with snow and the drivers are not used to it. Driving on those twisty turny roads to Wales in the snow was not a good idea. We would just curl up and watch the snow fall. I had not planned our meals well and another trip to Sainsbury’s was required yesterday morning. It was mid-morning and I thought that we would be fine. No so much.We had to follow shoppers leaving the store in order to get their parking space. Just like in Canada, the bread shelves are one of the first to be emptied when bad weather is coming. We rushed through the store and made it home without too much drama. Before any storm, I love to have the house all nice and tidy. That way I can sit back and enjoy being house-bound and not be distracted with household chores waiting to be done. We could then relax and enjoy our snow day together. Watching some telly, reading, eating and napping.

The first flakes started to fall mid-afternoon yesterday. We bundled up and the poodle had on her mittens, sweater and soft-shell (she really minds the cold in her old age). Brittany loves the snow. She was racing around like a lunatic and acting like a puppy. The horses in the field behind our house were wearing their jackets and seemed to be confused by the snow. Snow always brings out my inner child. When I was taking the recycling out, I started to throw snowballs at Andrew. He was inside at the kitchen window. Later that night, I was at the kitchen window, waiting for Andrew to come back from the garage with some pop. He started throwing snowballs at the window. I went to the door and opened it to tell him to hurry up with our drinks. At the same time, he threw a snowball…and…SPLAT…right in the face. We both broke into fits of laughter remembering days gone by and childhood snowball fights.

Nothing excites me more that waking up to the world covered in snow. I crawled out of bed early and began an hearty breakfast. A walk to Burton Dassett was waiting. We bundles up and set off. The road was filled with families pulling sledges. The snow was turning to slush and the hilly road leading to the top was becoming slippery. Cars were sliding down at the half-way point. The morning had a party feel. The top of the hill was covered in a shroud of gauzy fog. The sheep were gathered together waiting for the farmer to deliver their feed.

We walked home with rosy cheeks and smiles on our faces. Andrew turned to me “Our biggest decision today is deciding if we are having white or dark hot chocolate?.” Now that is a day to be celebrated, to be embraced, to be enjoyed.

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