Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Stowe, England

02 January 2012

Once again we started off the New Year with an activity that is important to us and that we want to be a big part of the coming year. The three of us pile into the car, the boot filled with jackets, wellies and gloves and head off for a country walk. The air is crisp and filled with promise. A mist hung over the English countryside clinging to the distant hills. It is the type of day that must have inspired Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Our destination was Stowe, a National Trust landscape park. We arrived to a car park full of cars. Like our walk last year on New Year’s Day, we were not alone. There is something so refreshing about a country where lots of people are out walking the countryside on New Year’s day instead of in bed or lazing the day away. Decked out in Barbour, wellies and gloves we headed off to explore. Brittany was in heaven and loved being off leash and free to explore to her heart’s content. Stowe is a beautiful landscape park filled with beautiful statutes. Back in the late 18th-century Stowe was the most beautiful landscape garden in Britain and rivalled those of even European royalty. Stowe has been welcoming visitors since the 1730s when the Temple family who created Stowe opened the gardens to the public. In 1845 Queen Victoria toured Stowe. Unfortunately in 1848, the 2nd Duke of Buckingham faced bankruptcy and the contents of the house and gardens were sold. Stowe is a wonderful example of Georgian magnificence and the work of Capability Brown.

We welcomed 2012 surrounded by history and beauty, fresh air and exercise. We welcomed all that 2012 has to offer with a smile on our face and the wind in our hair (or the wind in her ears for Brittany).

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