Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Burn's Supper, England

27 January 2012

Back in early December, my friend Amanda told me that I would need a tartan ball gown. A ball gown that was tartan. Two of my fave things combined in one beautiful dress. So I found said gown and bought it. Andrew thought I was crazy. I have a few ball gowns hanging in the closet already and why did I need another. For the Burn's Supper. Andrew was still skeptical but the next day he came home to tell me about the Burn's Supper we would be attending and that yes a tartan ball gown was required.

Andrew wore his tux and Wilson tartan bow tie. I wore a beautiful tartan gown. The haggis was piped in. There was whiskey. Burn's poems were recited. A live band played and guided us through traditional Scottish dances. It was an incredible experience.

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