Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Blenheim Palace, England

26 November 2011

Blenheim Palace was all decked out for Christmas. Andrew had never been inside the palace before so it was the perfect time to visit.

Croome Court, England

20 November 2011

On a cold and rainy November day we bundled up headed out to explore. Our destination was Croome Court.

Croome Court is an 18th century Neo-Palladion mansion. The grounds surrounding Croome and the mansion itself were designed by Capability Brown. Built between 1751 and 1752 Croome was the first design work by Capability. Croome was owned by George Coventry, the 6th Earl of Coventry. Croome has played host to many Royals over the years. George III, Queen Victoria and George V all visited Croome. During the Second World War the Dutch royal family lived at Croome. Croome also house part of RAF Defford during the war. The Coventry family was forced to sell Croome in 1948. Croome was then used as a private school and later as a home for the Hare Krishnas until 1984. After that Croome lay empty for 12 years. Croome was then bought as a private home and some repairs were done. In 2007 the Croome Heritage Trust bought Croome and it was leased to the National Trust.