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Chez WW in England

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Happy Anniversary

09 October 2011

Andrew and I tend to think long term in our decisions. The date for our wedding was no exception. We wanted a date that we would most likely be together. This may sound easy but with Andrew’s job, he is away…a lot. We picked Thanksgiving weekend. People were off work, beautiful fall colours and being able to see each other for our anniversary in the future.

Three years of marriage has brought us good times and bad, laughter and tears and a lot of seperations. We have lots to celebrate. An incredible life that we are creating together. Being together. Loving each other truly, madly, deeply. Dreaming dreams and making them come true…together.

As in previous years, we celebrated our anniversary on the Saturday. We were on the road early and headed into London. Our first stop was Leicester Square for theatre tickets. The discount ticket booths that line a side street of the Square offer great deals on tickets. We had no real preference. We just wanted to see a fab show. We got discounted tickets for the matinee to Billy Elliot. Our next stop was Portobello Road. Saturday is street market day. The place was crowded. If you have money to spend and are the hunt for the unique, antique or vintage Portobello Road is the place to be. We had time for a quick lunch of crepes before heading to the Victoria Palace. Wicked is running just down the street and the tube was filled with women wearing fab green witch hats and beautiful green feather boas. On our big list of shows to see is Wickedand I will be sure to have my green hat and feather boa.

Billy Elliot was a wonderful movie and I was beyond excited to see the theatre production. Singing, dancing and great acting. A perfect way to celebrate. The Victoria Palace is a stunning building complete with balconies and private boxes. I could just picture Queen Victoria sitting in her box watching a show. After much anticipation the curtains rose. The sets were incredible. The actors pulled you in and made you cheer and cry with them. The singing. The dancing. I laughed. I cried. I enjoyed. I remembered how much I loved performing in dance shows and drama plays when I was in high school.

Most places were closed by the time the show was over, except for Tate Modern. As darkness fell we walked the streets of London holding hands. We crossed the Thames on the beautiful Millennium Bridge eating our hot caramel roasted peanuts bought from a street vendor. There was a slight chill in the air. The night was perfect. London is magical at night.

Tate Modern is a beautiful modern building housing a collection of modern art. The collection was interesting and I felt very grown-up walking through the rooms looking at art and trying to figure out the meaning. For the most part, I really had no clue about the meanings but I did enjoy the art.
We then walked along the South Bank towards London Bridge and Big Ben. Along the way we got to see the London Eye up close. It is beautiful especially at night. Our day was drawing to a close. We got to celebrate our third anniversary in a beautiful city together. We got to celebrate the life we are creating together. On the drive home we talked of the future and dreams.

Happy Anniversary my love. Thank you for being you. I am looking forward to many more years of living our dreams and walking hand in hand as night falls and the world goes quiet.

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