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Chez WW in England

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Where are you from?

06 September 2011

“Where are you from?” Such a simple question. It should be easy to answer. In our travels, we get asked this a lot. I have to stop and think. This question is becoming more difficult to answer. I was born in Newfoundland and lived there until I went to university. I moved to Prince Edward Island and lived there most of my adult life. But, since December 2006 I have moved 5 times. Different towns, different provinces and different countries. I no longer know where I am from. Is where you are from as important as where you are now? Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a proud Newfoundlander, an East Coast girl who has longs for  Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. I have a thing for islands, being near the sea. Living in Ontario was hard for me. I felt cut off from the sea and at times found it hard to breathe. I have salt water in my blood.

“As much as I am enjoying my travels, I can’t wait to get back home. There is no place like home.” This came up in a conversation with some other travellers. I did not feel this way. Which shocked me. It got me thinking about home. I tried to picture home. I thought of our house in England. Because of Andrew’s work, we move…a lot. It would be difficult to think of a place I lived 3 moves ago as home and wishing that I was there. Each place we live feels like home. I do not have a desire to be anywhere else. I embrace each and every place we live. Some places are better than others but each place is home…for the time that we are there. So what is home? Home could be where your stuff is. Most of our stuff is in storage back in Canada. Even before we started buying antiques and only had a few boxes of our stuff in England, we were home. For me, home is where my heart is. Home is where Andrew is. I have discovered that I have traveller’s heart and a wanderer’s soul. Travelling is not just discovering new places – it is also discovering new things about yourself. Home is where you want to be…at that moment. Home is living in the moment and embracing it.

What does home mean to you? Where are you from?

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