Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Weymouth, England

12 September 2011

Weymouth is not a common last name. I once did a Canada 411 search of my name. I could count on two hands the number of Weymouths listed. And I was related to all but two of them. So when my family came to visits I knew that I would be taking them to Weymouth.

Along the way we stopped off to see a giant penis…or rather a giant with a penis. Cerne Abbas is a chalk drawing on a hill side in Dorset England. Little is known about the drawing. It is believed to be date back to the 17th century. It may be a drawing of Hercules or it may have been political satire of the time. The chalk lines were fading when we were there.

After the giant it was time to continue onto Weymouth. I parked the car outside of Weymouth and we used the park and ride. It was my first time doing this and it was a great setup. It was so much fun to see our name every where. Tacky souvenirs were bought with Weymouth on them. We each got a mug that said Weymouth. One shop keeper was puzzled as to why we were so excited about the Weymouth souvenirs. We explained that it was our last name. He had never heard of anyone having Weymouth as a last name. Maybe it as uncommon in England as it is in Canada.

When a Weymouth visits Weymouth.

Not quite Jody Lynn Weymouth but close enough.

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