Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Edinburgh, Scotland

06 September 2011

It has always been my mom's dream to visit Scotland. So I knew when my family came to visit I would be taking them to Scotland. I got us a fab deal on train tickets. It would take us 4 hours to get to Edinburgh from Birmingham. It just meant that we would be leaving Birmingham at 6 am.

As our train approached the north of England, we stopped. The heavy rains had flooded the countryside and the tracks. After a delay of a few hours we finally reached Edinburgh. The apartment I had rented was close to the train station. I had found us a 3 bedroom beautiful apartment. After dropping off our bags and freshening up it was time to hit the streets of Edinburgh in search of a late lunch. Feeling revived from a fab lunch we explored some more of Edinburgh. Then it started to rain. Really rain. It was the perfect time to do a bus tour of Edinburgh. We stayed warm and dry and still got to see more of the city. Our apartment had a fully equipped kitchen so we bought some food and had supper there. Mark, Kirk and I then did a haunted night tour of Edinburgh. These tours are the only way you can gain access to the bridge vaults. Underground City of the Dead Ghost Tour showed us the horrible underground cities of the vaults. Cold, wet, dark and miserable. We also explored some of the dark wynds of Edinburgh.

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