Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Derry, Northern Ireland

04 September 2011

Our last day in beautiful Northern Ireland. We arose early for breakfast before the taxi came to take us into Derry.

This is my serious "I am a tour guide and we have lots to do today" look. And yes, I backpack through Europe with white pants. Just because you are backpacking does not mean that you still cannot look fab.

The taxi dropped us off at the tourist information centre in Derry. Where we would take a bus tour of the city…except that the bus tour does not run on Sundays. I think that this was my one major oversight  during my family's whirlwind visit. The people at the tourist information bureau were so friendly and helpful, like very one we met in Northern Ireland, and they arranged for us to have a private tour bus driver give us a tour. Martin Mc Crossan is a very tour guide of Derry and he loved showing us his beautiful city.

After the tour we stopped at a cafe for a small snack before walking the old walls of Derry. Signs of the Troubles can still be seen.

We then explored the streets of Derry and the Free Derry Museum. 

After all of that walking it was time for lunch and to warm up. We found an amazing cafe that served gluten free food for mama. Mom and Cathy stayed in the cafe whilst Mark, Kirk and Andrew and I walked the Peace bridge.

Then it was back to the cafe to warm up, eat some more and have a pint.

We then walked the streets some more before arriving back at the tourist information centre to await the taxi that would take us to the airport.

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