Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Paris, France

27 August 2011

After a late night and an early morning it was time to start our 2nd day in Paris. I wanted to keep expenses down on this trip so I found us a great inexpensive hotel. I shared a room/bed with mom and Andrew shared with Kirk. Our room faced the street and has those beautiful floor to ceiling French doors. It also had a shower curtain. Andrew and Kirk had no shower curtain. But these little things are the things that we will remember, the things that we will laugh about in years to come.

The view from our hotel room was pure Paris

We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. It was quick and easy. And McDonald's in Paris has Pain au Chocolat, real French pastries on the menu. 

Our first stop was a walk along the River Seine and Notre Dame.

We walked along the other bank of the River Seine and then stopped for lunch. When in Paris crepes make a perfect lunch.

After a ride on the metro it was time to walk around Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.


This is the elevator in our hotel. It barely fit 2 people…with no bags. We were on one of the higher floors and took the stairs. It was easier and less scary.

As the sun set over Paris we celebrated our last night in Paris with juice box wine. When in Paris…

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