Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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19 July 2011

I was over the moon when I found out that we would be moving to England. Since arriving in December, I have had so many of my dreams come true, dreams that were even too big for me to consider. I still have to pinch myself, praying that this is not a dream. “You are living the life that you were always meant to live.” A wonderful comment from a dear friend.
Growing up, my father traveled the world while my mom stayed home. But, she had dreams. Dreams of Scotland. Dreams of walking on the Moors. Dreams of visiting the Scottish Highlands. She once told me that she wanted me to sprinkle her ashes on the Scottish Moors. She was afraid that she would not get there before she died. When we found out that we would be living in England, I informed my mama that she would come for a 3 week visit and I would take her to Scotland. In little over a month she will be here, along with my brother, aunt and cousin. And I have been planning. Oh have I ever been planning. I asked her what else she wanted to see and all she wanted was Scotland, even though I informed her that we could go anywhere in Europe. . Well, I had to do better than that. This will be a trip of a lifetime, my mama’s life. My great-grandfather was a member of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and fought at Beaumont Hamel. He was one of the few who survived that Bloody July 1 morning. My grandfather was also a member of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and fought in France during the Second World War. When I told mama I was taking her to France to visit the D-Day beaches, Vimy Ridge and Beaumont Hamel she was speechless. My mama is rarely speechless. I knew that I was on the right track to planning an incredible trip. “You mean that I am going to France?” “Yes and we will spend a few days in Paris.” ” I am going to Paris! You mean that I can visit the Eiffel Tower?” She was so excited. i never knew that she had a desire to see the Eiffel Tower. I think that it was a dream that was so big that it was not even a consideration.
I am now planning our time in Scotland. 3 days in Edinburgh with a day trip exploring the Scottish Highlands. When I sent my mother a link to the tour, she could barely contain her excitement. “You mean I am going on a bus tour of the Scottish Highlands and will be seeing all of those places?” I then showed her pictures of the apartment I had rented for us in Edinburgh. I fear that I have ruined any chances of her sleeping between now and when she boards that plane.
Whilst growing up, my mama sacrificed to give us things. Sacrificed her time for our activities. She did so much for my brother and I. Having friends with children has given me a greater understanding for all that she did, all that she gave, all that she did without, all that she did not do. As wonderful as it is to have my own dreams come true I have discovered that there is something even better. I have been given the opportunity to make my mama’s dreams come true. That is even better. I do not have the words to express how much this means. My heart is bursting with joy just thinking of her reactions on her trip of a lifetime.

Keep on dreaming and never let them go. They will come true, even if it takes 50 years.

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