Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Make life an occasion

17 May 2011

Do you save those special things in life for the right event, for that special occasion?

My mama and nan have taught me many things that I am forever thankful. The most important lesson is that each day is a gift. Each day is an event to celebrate. “Special occasions” can be made at any time.
Most people grew up in homes where the china and crystal were rarely ever used.  Not me. We often ate summer BBQs on the fancy china plates in the backyard. At my house, we drank with crystal water glasses everyday. We used them so much that when my friend went to the cupboard to get a glass she was shocked to discover that they did not live in the kitchen but in the dining room china cabinet. It was not about being snobby. It was about spending a lot of money on things that most people rarely use. In my family, if you were spending money on something, then you should use it and enjoy.
Life is meant to be celebrated, even the normal, everyday moments that create our lives. Those are the “special occasions”.

I LOVE hats. I may very well have an addiction. I am not sure why? Beautiful hats may give me some much desired height or a presence that I feel I lack as a petite gal. Whatever the reason, I have always had a love affair with hats. It began in my early teens when I discovered my pop’s fedora. It got so bad that my uncle bought me my own hat for Christmas. It was a fuchsia wool number with black trim. That year I had a long fuchsia coat with a wild bird patterned lining. I thought that I was something else walking around in that bright coat and fab hat. It was the eighties. I then went to England on a school trip. I had fallen into hat heaven. So many hats, so many choices. I finally decided on a velvet ivory hat with a small net veil. I had fallen in love with all of the huge hats that were flowing with brightly coloured feathers. But, I decided to be more conservative. I did have to go back to outport Newfoundland.

I went to a wedding years ago with a friend as her date. I had an extra hat and we decided to do it up right. The bride was so excited that she had people at her wedding wearing hats. It made her day an “event” that others had really made an effort for.

My love was not fickle and has stayed with me. I use the excuse of having pale skin. Hats protect me from sun burns in the summer. I hate to be cold. Hats keep me warm in the winter. The practical uses of hats allowed me to indulge, at least on a conservative level.

My heart ached for feathery fascinators and huge head-wear. Living in England has allowed me to live out my hat fantasy. Hats are a fashion statement. You wear it to one event and then it gets packed away. Storage space is very limited here. Most homes lack basements. So, if you wear your hat and have no room to store it, you must sell it. E-bay has become a shopping mecca to me. In just six months I have bought nine hats and one fascinator. More hats than I have events for. And what will I do with all of these hats once I return to Canada where hats are rarely worn. I shall wear my hats with my head held high. Every day is an event and I intend to make my life an occasion. I long for a time when hats were worn every Sunday. Weddings were awash with beautiful hats. I hope to make hats fashionable in Canada. A huge goal, I know, but I will be super stylish trying to achieve it. I intend to make an effort for those special moments – which are all of them.

Do not wait for that “special occasion”. life is special and should be celebrated, even the simple everyday moments.

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