Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Caerphilly Castle, Wales

08 May 2011

Caerphilly Castle is a medieval fortification found in Caerphilly, Wales. Gilbert de Clare built Caerphilly Castle in the 13th century. Besides having the second largest castle in all of Britain, Caerphilly is also famous for its cheese. Cheese and a castle. Yelp, we were driving to Caerphilly.

There are so many moments during our time living in England that I would love to be able to do this. And speaking of time, several episodes of Dr Who were filmed at Caerphilly Castle.


The castle was incredible. The cheese was delish. The weather…the weather was a bit of everything. But we have learnt to not let that stop us. We always have a sweater (for warmth) and a Barbour (for rain) in the car at all times when we go exploring.

~ Jody

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