Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Berkeley Castle, England

19 May 2011

During the week I am living in Ashchurch alone. There is so much to see here. More than can be fit into the weekends when Andrew comes home. I am getting more comfortable driving here by myself. I decided to pick a place and do a solo day trip. Berkeley Castle was just a short drive down the motorway. The feeling of accomplishment I had when I pulled into the car park was amazing. I had picked a location I had never been and managed to get myself there in one piece. It was a beautiful day. Perfect for exploring. Before I started the tour I met a man outside in the castle grounds. He was a retired history teacher from Canada. We were the only two on the tour of the castle. This wonderful solo day trip inspired me to do many more.

Berkeley Castle dates back to the 11th century. And has been in the Berkeley family reconstructed it in the 12th century. There was a brief period when the castle was in Tudor hands. It is suspected that King Edward II was murdered at Berkeley in 1327. King Edward II was being held at Berkeley and he died there. Because it was suspected that he was murdered it was difficult to find a church that would take his body. Money changed hands and the body of King Edward II was laid to rest at Gloucester Cathedral.

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