Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Jedburgh, Scotland

27 April 2011

After crossing the Scottish Border we headed for Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. Jedburgh Abbey is a beautiful ruin that I could not wait to explore. And Mary Queen of Scots lived in Jedburgh in 1566.

Brittany had a fab time exploring the Abbey ruin.

After all of that exploring it was time to walk around Jedburgh in search of food and a loo.

We stopped at a chippy for supper. Andrew had a kebab that was a little strangle. I had a buyer and fries. The burger patty had been deep-fried in batter. There was no bun. The batter was relish but I could not make myself eat the burger patty that was covered in grease.

We failed in our mission to find a public loo that was open.

Lessons Learnt: If it can possibly be deep-fried it probably will be.
                          If you soon a public loo…use it even if you don't need to.

~ Jody

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