Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Kinver Edge, England

12 March 2011

For Andrew's first birthday in England I wanted to plan something special. Brittany had recently arrived in England from Canada so it was important that I picked a place that Brittany would be able to join us. I picked Kinver Edge and Holy Austin Rock Houses.

Kinver Edge is a heath and woodland escarpment. Kinver Edge was once home to two Iron Age hillforts.  Holy Austin Rock Houses were carved out of the sandstone hillside in the 18th century. The houses were lived in until the 1950s. During the Edwardian era the Holy Austin Rock Houses was a popular tourist attraction.

Site of an Iron Age fort.

The beautiful heath.

There are so many time I would love to pull the car over and capture the beautiful country side. But there really is no side of the road. This is a two lane road. When you meet other cars you other pull over as far as you can or someone backs up to the pass by place.

This road is a little wider. Still no shoulders though.

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