Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Frosty foggy morn, England

20 January 2011

This morning I awoke to a frosty foggy dream-scape. It is one of those mornings when anything is possible, especially here in England. I quickly bundled up, grabbed my camera and was out the door. I had considered driving to Tewkesbury. The Abbey would be an incredible sight this morning. But, once I saw how reduced the visibility was I decided to go for a walk. I am getting better at driving here and so far have managed to not do any damage to the car or the others. I just do not think my driving skills here are ready to tackle driving on the wrong side of the ride, on the wrong side of the car, when I cannot see the car in front of me.
St Nicholas Church is the Parish Church for Ashchurch and given that Ashchurch is so small, it is just a few minutes walk. Leaving the busy road behind and walking up the lane to the church was like walking back in time. Strands of frost were dangling from the over-hanging trees like a forgotten spider’s web. The frosty fog enveloped everything. I would not have been surprised to see a horse and carriage emerging from the lane.
As I walked around I realized that it was a Hoar Frost, not like the Hoar Frost of Petawawa, but a gentler frost. It was a magical sight. Needles of frost appeared to be floating in the air. Walking around the church and into the graveyard, I could see a distant figure through the fog. Was it some spectre come to visit a lost love? This morning I would not have been surprised to see such a sight.

I have explored this church yard a few times and never noticed this before. A strange thing to find in a church yard but it was one of those mornings. Anything and everything was possible. The veil separating the past from the present had been lifted for a short time. I could almost see a person locked up, claiming that they followed the true faith of the Monarch.

Just after I captured the above image, a figure appeared out of the fog walking towards me….

Wishing everyone a morning that is as magical as mine. I hope that you enjoyed coming along on my frosty foggy morning walk.

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