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Chez WW in England

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Don't judge a car by it's size

03 January 2011

Andrew is moving into his room at the dorm today. The time has come for us to leave the Chowle Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast. We will miss Jan and Dave and all of the animals. They are so much more than Bed and Breakfast owners – they were are tourist information centre, shopping guides and just lovely people who took us under their wings and made moving to a foreign country so much easier. Dave is a master of creating maps that were so easy to use with the easiest route possible.

Mini Me Millie, our tiny Toyota Yaris, became our moving van today. For a little car you sure can fit a lot of stuff into the old gal. She reminded me of that small handbag I have that holds so much – when you go to empty it you are amazed that so much fit into such a small space. That is Millie.
You may be wondering just how small Mini Me Millie is.

Millie has a sunroof – with a crank to open it. I think it is because the car is too small to have the wiring required for an automatic sunroof.

Andrew also had to pick up his bike, which he managed to fit into the car. The back seats in Millie fold down. We will have to get a bike rack later for both of our bikes; that is if Millie is wide enough to have the bikes on the back. If not it will be a roof rack.

Today Mini Me Millie, the tiny car with the big name, showed us that she can do as much a full-sized car. I guess cars are like people and should not be judged by their size.

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