Chez WW in England

Chez WW in England

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Christmas, England

25 December 2011

This is our second Christmas in England. Last year we were staying at a B&B so this year I wanted to go all out for the day.

My mom sent us Canada socks. Our tiny tree is covered in tacky tourist knick knacks from our travels.

The first of many Christmas dinners that will be served on our dining table.

Brittany had her very own puppy mince pies. This fruit cake made me squeal at Tesco. It was stunning.

We watched Call the Midwive Christmas special, the Downton Abbey Christmas special, the Dr Who Christmas special and The Queen's Christmas Message. Bowties are cool.


20 December 2011

At the crack of dawn we were up and out the door. Today we were driving along the coast and exploring Gibraltar. Rick Steeves once again came to the rescue. He told us the best car park to park in on the Spanish side of the border. Usually I would never use the loo in a car park … but this loo. Floor to ceiling covered in beautiful marble and so clean.

After a quick check at customs we were ready to explore Gibraltar. Just outside the border crossing is the runway for Gibraltar. You can run across the runway if you want. Or you can take a bus. Since I was still battling the cold from hell we decided to take the bus … all the way into the heart of Gibraltar. Our first stop was a quick breakfast.

If you have lots of extra money to spend on jewellery then Gibraltar is the place for you. An entire street filled with jewellery stores.

The main attraction of Gibraltar is the apes. We took the cable car to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar and as soon as the doors opened there were the apes.

We walked from end to end along the top of the rock. And then down to the halfway point where we could continue down in a cable car. It was decided that we would walk all the way down to the bottom when I saw the platform we would have to climb and then stand on to wait for the next car. I have not yet conquered my fear of heights.

Once at the bottom we took a bus to the end of Gibraltar. The Mosque was stunning. Looking across the Strait of Gibraltar and seeing Africa was incredible. I wish we had more time so we could have done a day trip to Morocco.

We then explored some more and checked out the battery.

There was just time for a quick supper before the bus took us back to the border crossing.